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Helping women transform their health, live into their purpose, & laugh along the way!

Over 280 clients served since 2019


If we haven't met yet, hi there! 👋🏻 My name is Erin Roesch and I am an American health and fitness coach living in greater London with my two young daughters (Ella and Nadia) and British/South African math professor hubby, Henri.


In 2019, I posted a before and after of my own 20 lb postpartum weight loss journey...and I suppose you could say that's when this whole Instagram adventure began.


At the time, I wasn't a health and fitness guru...I was just a working mom with a newborn who traveled a lot and couldn't afford a gym membership. I had completed my Bachelor's in Political Science, followed by a Master's in Divinity (I'm ordained in the United Methodist Church) at Duke University and spent seven years working in the nonprofit world.


But after posting the results of a few programs I had done through Beachbody (a leading at-home workout fitness platform) on social media, women started to ask, "Could what you do work for me, too?"


The answer was and is a resounding YES!


When I opened the "virtual doors" of my business in our 850 sq ft apartment in NYC, things started small, but grew quickly. I coached 3 women...then 10...and now I 've helped 280+ women start fitness routine at home using the same tools and resources that made moving and eating simple and sustainable for me as a working mom.


Eventually, I wanted to give the community that was emerging around the women I coach a name.


I chose REALNation.


The REAL stands for the values I want to embody and uplift for women:







I partner with Team Beachbody in what I do, equipping women with the same resources and tools I use because I genuinely believe Beachbody is one of the most affordable, convenient, and effective platforms for women out there. It doesn't tell women to look a certain way, cut out entire food groups, or spend hours in the gym. It tells them they are beautiful, capable, phenomenal human beings and that's the message I want my life and business to reflect. 

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