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Coach with REALNation

REALNation coaches are committed to three things: 


  • Living their best embodied life — This includes working out, fueling their bodies right, and growing as leaders. The technical side of coaching and business can be taught, but the best coaches are those committed to becoming the healthiest, most loving, hard-working, generous, kind, visionary versions of themselves. Coaching as not simply about what you DO, but who you must BECOME.


  • Helping others live into their full potential — We help others start and maintain fitness routines that will keep them strong, flexible, mobile, balanced, energized, and confident over a lifetime.


  • Building businesses that change the world — I am passionate about working with women who have a vision for how their business can be an agent of change for them personally, for their family, and for the community in which they live. As I often say, “I’m not in ‘body business.’ I’m in the ‘people business.’" 


What I look for in a coach: 


  • Willingness to share your journey — This job requires you to share your health/fitness and personal development journey publicly. We can start slow, but it is essential in order for you to build trust and integrity with the people you hope to serve.

  • Heart for others — I am more concerned about your heart for others than your background, education, or training. I can coach you on skills, but I need character. 

  • Coachability — I need folks who are ready to learn and implement what they learn. 

  • Self-starter — I need you to have the initiative to find answers when you need them and to pass that knowledge on to the people you may, in turn, mentor and lead.


Are you ready to invest in YOU and get your business off the ground? If so, let’s do this thing! Apply here.


Where Next?


"I want to say thank you for never giving up on me...I have found out so many things about myself. I’ve gained so much confidence, and you helped me find something that challenges me and that I enjoy doing. You’re an awesome person, Erin. I aspire to be more like you!"


"Thanks, Erin, for reaching out to me. I was resistant to saying yes, but you led to make some of the smaller yeses which has lead to this bigger YES to coaching. I hope to blend my fitness coaching with pastoral coaching/mentoring. It amazes me how the Spirit has woven herself into the past few weeks to bring seemingly disconnected threads into a new a beautiful thing."


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