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Interview #1: My Story


Interview #2: Reflections on Infertility & Motherhood

In the interviews below, I reflect on the winding path that led me to fitness coaching and why I’m so passionate about impacting women’s health today. 

🎙 Podcast Interviews

In this interview with the Compass Podcast, I share about what it means to be an ordained fitness coach and pastor, the role my mother’s story plays in my own, and how fitness played a role in bringing me back to life after a season of intense spiritual doubt. I also share the beautiful stories of some of the women in REALNation, the virtual fitness community I lead. 

In this interview with the Instructions for Living a Life podcast, I reflect more deeply on our struggle to conceive our first child with a host who has also navigated infertility. We discuss the concept of motherhood in modern society, the pressures and expectations around it, what it feels like to be in a season of longing and waiting, and her unique story as an adoptive parent. 

Interview #3: Pregnancy After Miscarriage

In this interview with the Love & Loss podcast, I offer more about the story of our journey to conceive our children, which included a long season of waiting for our first daughter, fertility treatments, miscarriage, and navigating pregnancy after loss.

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