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I would never have found this fitness opportunity without you, Erin, and I'm so grateful! I already feel stronger and healthier, and I love it!

- Amanda

Before all this COVID, I had my yearly diabetic check up. They took blood and weighed me. The Dr was pleased with my weight loss which I have (had before lockdown 😬) maintained...and guess what? I’m not diabetic anymore!!!! Blood shows my hbA1 level or whatever it is, is below the Diabetic range! It’s gone down and although it said I am high risk, I am no longer classed as diabetic. 



This is down to you xxxx

- Caroline

I am LOVING how easy Beachbody on Demand is-- never thought I could be so consistent with my workouts.

- Christy Jo

I don’t dread workouts, even when I have to get up at 5:00am to fit them in!  I love BOD. I’ve barely even used it yet, but I love that when I’m done with Barre Blend, I can choose from so many different workouts throughout the year. So much better than buying one program at a time!

- Lindsay

Erin, your daily postings have inspired me to resume my journey to better health and a more active lifestyle. I know I need to get serious for a better quality of life for decades to come!…Thank you for your encouragement and I give thanks to God for your positive spirit.

- Ivy

I made significant strides in 2019 thanks to Beachbody on Demand. I lost 32 lbs through intentional focus on my body.

- Anita

I am telling you what, I can see a HUGE different in being trimmer! My clothes fit so much better and I’m even able to fit in some summer clothes that I couldn’t last year…I’m so glad I joined you on this journey. I am feeling so much better in so many ways.

- Kaylee

I am so grateful for this group. It keeps me accountable!

- Jacki

I do have to say that having this program has been great, because the other day my stress level was thru the roof and I opened my iPad and did a video and felt better. I didn’t have to go anywhere, deal with anyone, just me, my time, place, it was great.


I'm really glad I took you up on joining. It’s just what I needed to get out of the “COVID funk."


I'm super impressed with the nutrition log (my sister-in-law is a registered dietician and has helped me tremendously in the past), so I'm always a little skeptical, but I am very impressed with it's holistic approach and will definitely use it.


I think the greatest thing I've noticed is I can already tell I'm more energetic with my girls. Also, my body has already changed in that I can move easier and am starting to feel like I'm in my 30s again.

- Erika

Thank you for using your God-given gifts to be an incredible coach and for believing in me.

- Rachel

I’m really enjoying the group and accountability I get from it! I think this has been the most consistent I’ve worked out in several months and it feels good.

- Nicole

This program has been life-changing for me. Working out everyday, eating better, feeling stronger…even with my 9 month old teething and going through a sleep regression, this program is still working for me. I’m so grateful! Love the Real Nation group, the accountability, encouragement, tips, and some great recipes have made a huge difference. Thank you!

- Rebekah

I remember asking you what made this different, and while I'm not sure I could put words to it - it totally is. I had access to a virtual yoga studio and trainer videos through my fitbit, but was sporadic at best. Now, I'm super proud of my streak and can't wait for the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a program.

- Alison

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